About Project

How do you make sure a streamer and her community are catered to and well represented in their videos? We see just that in this exploration of our video editing work with Yvonnie from OfflineTV.

Case Study

Yvonne Ng, better Known as just Yvonnie, is a prominent streamer and personality with over 250,000 followers on Twitch and Twitter.

Her community is at the core of her content, providing comfy,
entertaining streams to her viewers.

The Community

The resident house mom of "OfflineTV", Yvonnie is an important figure in her community, both online, and in real life. Her endearingly earnest personality is what draws people in. Adding to that, much of her content features her with her friends, showing candid emotions and honest interactions. What makes her content compelling is the concept of community, and having a natural narrative to the things that go on.

Here’s where we
come in.

We were asked to edit her highlights, the best moments of her stream. Yvonnie didn’t really need help when it came to speaking to her viewers. it was about moving the content from a long-form stream where slower storylines are standard, into shorter, quicker, punchier videos.

Polishing the Gold

It’s easy to get lost in the dialogue, and we had to make sure that the viewers knew what was going on. Subtle, but iconic music to fill in some of the gaps and enhance the environment to add a bit of hype in just the right spots.

To achieve this, we knew we had to help with two major things:

Clarity, and Clean Up.

With that done, we had to take a look at another important aspect.

Several studies were made, small tweeks and little changes to really fine-tune the look Yvonnie wanted. A slight shift in art styles ended up to be just what we needed.
We wanted to utilize emotes that better illustrated Yvonnie and the depth of her emotions, reactions, and interactions. We worked with her through several versions and styles to make sure that they not only showed what she was about, but also that she liked the way she was shown.

The result is Yvonnie feeling well represented, and her community feeling more connected.

“Love how attentive Iconiqlast is, even with the small details. They really do their research, even going back and finding old clips to reference for the newer videos. On top of that, they're also very quick and receptive to any changes I requested."

– Yvonnie, Offline TV