About Project

Diviny’s stream had to keep in line with her eternally effervescent attitude. Together, we crafted a stream suite that’s cute as a button and is able to exemplify her exuberant attitude.

Live Project

Diviny’s known for her cute little kitty Chappy and her blissfully bubbly attitude. Her always positive, can-do attitude is wonderful on stream and she and her community of “catatos” always stay paws-i-div.

Diviny’s consolidated stylescapes feature a logotype design based on the two most important pieces of imagery; the Chappy the cat and pink bubbles. The rest of the design takes their cue from these two central figures, either evoking or effectively emphasizing and accentuating them.

Diviny’s stylescapes hinge on the playful cuteness of the white cat playing around the bubbles. The challenges presented were largely in maintaining a cohesive design incorporating these elements while keeping things fresh, interesting, and not too tiring.

Cute and cuddly, but with great clarity. The logo incorporates the ever-important bubbles and kitty while keeping it both humorous and understated.

Soft pastels with just the right addition of a few vibrant tones make for a nice clean and easy to read look, especially when paired with the simple, straightforward sans serif chosen as the main typeface.

Soft kitty, white kitty, little paws with fur. The cat motifs are all over, and they’ve left their tracks in the cutest ways possible. Soft and bouncy, bubbles offer an additional element that lends depth to the design.

Chappy keeps watch over Diviny’s camera overlay, keeping her and the chat company.

Chappy keeps his appearances tasteful within the various stream scenes. We wanted to keep the kitty present and visible without overusing him. Much like actual domesticated cats, the white cat pokes in and out of the frame and your peripheral vision.

What can we say, Chappy knows what he likes. The animated alerts make full use of the kitty’s expressive gestures and features.

The cat stares into the shining, glowing bits, fascinated by colors and mildly distracted by their glory.

Expressive as ever, Chappy helps illustrate the different elements of the stream with specific stream panels.

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