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A sleek stream suite befitting a master. Explore our work with JASN, where we worked together to produce an atmosphere as serene as a zen garden and as sharp as a samurai sword.

Live Project

JASN is a Filipino streamer currently residing in SoCal. He primarily plays Valorant and other tactical shooters. Much of his branding is centered around his skill coupled with a very relaxed vibe. Such an environment helps provide and maintain a sort of mentoring relationship between him and his audience, providing calm insight into the finer points of the game.

JASN’s vision of a peaceful and zen community has to reconcile itself with the discordant nature of his game of choice. Thus, the design we went for invokes the feel of a martial arts dojo, primarily looking to juxtapose the quiet zen of a grandmaster with their latent ferocity. JASN is about keeping it cool and focusing on becoming better while low-key showing off his sharp skills.

One large goal of the design is to promote JASN as a “sensei” to his community. Friendship centered around self-improvement and finding yourself is an important part of the overall feel. After speaking with JASN, it was determined that it was important to incorporate the feel/aesthetic of the following keywords:

  • Samurai
  • Traditional Japanese Structures
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Japanese Text / Characters

In order to properly convey the intent, we had to buckle down and get some research done. First, we explored multiple landmarks and iconic traditional Japanese structures and pieces of architecture. Along with that, it was also important to determine what comes to mind when you talk about “traditional Japanese”. The result was distilling the feel and iconography of traditional Japanese temples and Torii gates into something that worked. On top of this, we also explored the concepts and ideology behind Bushido, the Japanese code of honor.

The look of a samurai helmet was stylized to make it look even sharper and sleeker. Simple and clean, a break in the helmet’s crest forms the letter J, displaying a logo that is uniquely JASN.

A simple sans serif typeface was chosen for the majority of the text, a straightforward design lends itself well to different applications. The bold lines and curves also match the now simplified logo. A smooth, handwritten japanese typeface primarily in red provides a nice contrasting accent to the text.

The color pallet features a light off white to introduce a sense of lightness or calm. The Charcoal and Black are to represent ink from traditional Japanese calligraphy. The red accents are present to provide a bit of an edge, a sense of danger, a spark that lights the charcoal ablaze.

Present throughout the design are 3 images done in a high-contrast black and white with a slightly rough brush stroke effect. In use throughout the stylescape largely as the focus of the various stream scenes, they provide an anchor to the audience when the streamer is not present.

Painted Japanese icons and the rough brushed aesthetic represent older/traditional Japan. The metallic gradients provide the general feel and aesthetic of the katana, symbolic also of a “will of steel”. The Cherry Blossoms, in contrast with much of the harsher parts of the design, provide a lighter mood and sense of peacefulness and zen. Originally static, JASN requested them to be animated, which ended up adding an even more light and ethereal feel to the design.

The overlay chosen once again evokes traditional Japanese architecture. The video is framed within a stylized rendering of Torii gates, providing a unique camera overlay that works incredibly well with the Japanese motif.

The overall aesthetic of the scenes are indicative of what the project aims to do; provide a balance between a calm, serene environment, and an edgy, biting ferocity indicative of skill and proficiency.

The stinger features two sliding doors clapping together as they slam shut in the center of the frame, with the logo emblazoned right in the middle of the doors. Cherry blossom petals drift down lazily in the foreground. The sliding doors are modeled after the traditional Japanese shoji doors, literally “closing” the scene to provide a smooth transition that is consistent with the rest of the design.

The stylized Torii gates are once again in use, adorning more major alerts in order to add emphasis. For the others, a design similar to that of the stream panels is used, this time with the key imagery on the side opposite the logos, providing something that can catch the viewers’ attention.

The stream panels are done with a light gradient between the charcoal and deep crimson for logo backgrounds, separated from the text by a stark diagonal cut reminiscent of a slash from a katana. Once again, cherry blossom petals adorn parts of the frame and provide a softer note to the rest of the design.

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