“Fast paced and exciting, just like the game itself! We wanted dynamic, iconic illustrations that viewers could easily recognize and relate to. This all served to help our fun narratives and kept viewers engaged all throughout!”


[Start with a fun or engaging in-game clip]

  • Either a wombo combo
  • A cool outplay
  • Or a funny moment with friends

[Animated Part]  

What’s up guys! It’s Riku and I’m here to welcome you guys to League of Legends: Wild Rift. Wild Rift is a free to play mobile multiplayer online battle arena game where you team up with 4 other players and fight against 5! If you want an easy to pick up game to spend time with your friends or you want a new game to climb the ranks and prove your skills, this is the game for you!

[Riku Camera - in-game lobby]

**IRL Riku choosing a character**

**pause video**

**Animated Riku pops in and interrupts**

[Players exiting the fountain]

**Animated Riku pauses**

Now that we’ve all loaded at Wild Rift, the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy nexus at the opposite side of the map before they destroy ours! 

[Montage start on achieving victory]

**Animated Riku pointing and touring the map using moving and paused footage**


Video Structure Overview:

  • ARAM will be discussed by Riku as:
  • Option 1) Riku-rina (Riku cosplay Katarina)
  • Option 2) Riku Ashe (Riku cosplays Ashe for Freljord theme)
  • Tone of voice will be slow, mature.
  • Animation will be cute, bubbly, and welcoming.

Initial Concept Flow:

  • Having wild rift as background from afar.
  • Rikurina will surprise the viewers by popping out from the bottom of the screen, introducing herself and that she’s back for another Wild Rift video! “Hello everybody, it’s Riku here, and we’re back with another Wild Rift video”
  • Rikurina will ask “and guess what? Something coooool~ is coming to Wild Rift”
  • Rikurina will have an internal monologue saying: “What if we just get rid of Dragon Lane and Baron Lane, and just leave Mid Lane? Sounds pretty awesome,right?” *Riku suddenly looks at the camera with fire eyes or sadistic smile*

  • Rikurina: “Forget about Jungle Camps, Dragon, and Baron! All we have to do is win teamfights, destroy the enemy’s Inhibitor and obliterate the opposing Nexus and claim Victory!” (In-Game Footage showing Howling Abyss, Teamfights, Inhibitor Exploding and Nexus Exploding with Victory Screen)
  • Rikurina will let the viewers imagine while describing the following:
  • “It is like Wild Rift without the Dragon and Baron Lane, but colder!” 
  • Tentative to have Braum or Annie to make a fire to give warmth to Riku-rina/Riku Ashe.
  • This will show an isometric view of the wild rift Map that will have its lanes removed and a snowstorm will have the map transition into a snowy setting.

We can refer to this transformation from the old ARAM map with the current ARAM map.



-panning over the city after the yordle expedition scene-

Riku Narrator: The Lunar New Year. A wonderful time of celebration, bonding with family and friends over amazing food. The city is filled with merriment and every single one is having fun. But it seems that trouble is brewing somewhere around the city: (QUEUE MF CHASE)

During Chase

-Alistar pause:Relic Shrine-

Riku: This is Alistar. He’s working hard at the ox clan headquarters,guarding the relic shrines. These are ancient artifacts from the lunar gods to help protect the city from the lunar beast. Help contain the beast by powering up these weapon relics to their full potential after which [you] shall be greatly rewarded. Each weapon shall give you different sets of missions. While you are only allowed to focus on one weapon to activate at a time, you are not exclusively locked to one relic. Do not fret as you are more than welcome to switch here and there as you wish. 

Extra: Xayah and Rakan Scenario A: Xayah and Rakan Cameos

  • Xayah and Rakan spotted in the intro crowd shot
  • Xayah and Rakan is in the Mission board shot arguing
  • Xayah and Rakan at the background shot eating chinese new year food when MF meets Annie to give back the doll (Can copy the ones in


Introduce Game and Events

Transitioning from the OBB, Riku will introduce the exciting event called “Yordle Expedition”. 

What is a Yordle? Anatomy and Details of Yordle

Using a Wild Rift transition asset, setting will be transferred to Ryze’s Library. Riku Ryze will walk in the frame and magically summons an easel and asks the viewer, “So, what is a Yordle?”

2-4 Non-Yordle Champions (Optional) will appear behind Riku. The Canvas (with lots of pages) shows the anatomy of a Yordle, and discusses other details about Yordles.Then, a map of Runeterra will show where the Yordles come from and where the Bandle City is located (subject for review for fact checking).

Showcase the Yordles

Gameplay Footage of the Yordles with a good set of clashes. A team of Yordles if possible. Winning clashes and the game.Each POV of Champions, too if possible. 

In-Game Events and Rewards

Showcase photos of the rewards, aligning with the VO. Animating the Yordle Expedition Map and showing animated texts to emphasize the mechanics of the game. 


  • Intro of Yordle Event
  • What and Who are the Yordles?
  • Featured the released Yordles
  • Details of the Yordle Event
What is Wild Rift
Yordles Expedition
What is Wild Rift
Just like League of Legends, but with more frenzied flavor and frenetic fervor! Wild Rift jumps right at you on your mobile device for quick bits of excitement, and capturing that feeling was very important. We carefully planned out our cuts, movements, and sequences to deliver the right tone and vibe.
ARAM is originally a fan-made game mode turned into a full-blown experience. It emphasizes more casual, action-packed gameplay where players are constantly battling it out! At the center of it all is the Howling Abyss, a small, single-lane map that pits enemies against each other as soon as possible!
Lunar Beasts
A recurring event to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we see characters in wonderful skins and outfits every year to join in the festivities! While the specifics change all the time, the Lunar Beasts were all about having some of our favorite classic characters like Annie and Alistar as representations of Chinese culture in the modern day.
In an effort to better introduce the race of the yordles, the Yordle Expedition explores not only their similarities, but also their differences and each characters’ unique set of skills! Providing a small spotlight for each champion is a must, so that players are enticed to give them a try in the battlefield!